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Currently studying Game Design at FutureGames. Combined 5 years of game design education and some work experience have given me a decent understanding of what players might want from a game. I combine theoretical knowledge and practical experience to create levels that are fun and engaging.


Higher Vocational Education in Game Design                                                    Stockholm, Sweden

FutureGames                                                                              2017 – 2019

At FutureGames I learned to hone my practical skills better and learned to specialize in Level Design and Game Design. I have learned how to incorporate different aspects of level design in the game from a practical point of view.

 Bachelor’s Degree in Game Design & Scripting                                                Stockholm, Sweden

Södertörns Högskola                                                                  2014 – 2017

At Södertörn I learned about all the basics needed to create a game. I learned about the different fields within the industry and how to work together with the other students to create different types of games. This education has taught me how to analyse both data from studies as well as be able to draw conclusions from said data.


Level Design Intern

Gro Play                                                                                                    2017

At Gro Play I worked on and helped publish two different games which target audience were children of ages 6-12. One of the games, “Grow Forest” is an open interactive world game filled with a variety of minigames with a goal to educate children about different things the environment can provide. I worked on the world map by dividing it into different segments and moved around some of the minigames and interactable objects to keep every zone interesting.  

I was also a part of the team for “Julkalendern: Gorbis Robotlabb”, a physics-based game where the goal is to search for treasures while flying around and playing with different physics toys. In this game I was responsible for blocking out all the levels, helping with user testing and communicating with the rest of the team if there was any need for new types of physics toys that would be fun to add.


Game Engines: Unreal Engine 4, Unity

Scripting Languages: Blueprints, C#

Version Control: SourceTree, GitHub, Perforce

Additional Skills: Photoshop, Maya, Narrative Design, Music (playing guitar & piano)


Other Interests

Apart from playing video games, I play music (guitar, piano and sing), I sometimes stream and during the summer period I am a beekeeper.